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Insulated Drywall Partitions
Hofmann Steel Stud Partition/ Internal Hoarding system is designed for use in both fire rated and non-fire rated application and it consists of one single layer of 9mm Calcium silicate board sheets, screw fixed to steel frame with the strip and mineral wool for the insulation. These systems are available with fire rated of BS476 Part 22 for FRR 120 minutes of both integrity and insulation.

9mm Fully Insulated Partition Board/ Internal Hoarding System BS476 Part22:1987
(FRR -/120/120) Integrity & Insulation

   ① 9mm VINATHE Calcium Silicate Board
② VINATHE cover strip:100mm x 9mm
③ Mineral wool:75mm x 100kg/m3
④ Top/ bottom G.I. steel U channel:0.6mm x 75mm x 50mm
⑤ Vertical GI steel studs:
   0.6mm x 75mm x 50mm at nominal 610mm center
⑥ M8 Drywall screw at 600mm center
⑦ M4 Drywall screw at 200mm center
⑧ Fire sealant to all gaps
Temporary Internal Hoardings

Hofmann Drywall Partition System - FRR Requirement

Products Board Thickness BS476 Part22 FRR Mineral wool/ Steel stud Mineral wool Density
VINATHE 9mm -/120/120 75mm 100 kg/m3
VINATHE 9mm -/60/60 50mm 100 kg/m3
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