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Fiber Cement Board
   As the approved non-combustible material of HK Government Supplies, Hofmann Fiber Cement Board is an excellent material to impact strength and water resistance that makes our products as the prefect choice for the applications of drywall partition, exterior cladding and ceiling in the residential, commercial and industrial building especially where speedy construction is required.
  Non-combustible material with BS476 Part4 & CNS 6532 Class 1
  JIS A 5430 test & 12mm exterior wall system passed 25KPa wind and rain test
  Green label building materials
Thickness Bulk Density
Flexural Strength
Load Bending Rupture
Length Change After Water Absorption
Thermal Conductivity
(w/ m.k)
Fire Resistance
>1.0 >100 >20 0.16< 0.24< Class 1


Fire Resistance

Hofmann products are classified as class 1 of CNS 6532; Non-combustible of BS476: part 4.


The lightweight product is capable of reducing the load on a building.

Fungus Resistance

The product meets the fungus resistance test.

Sound Insulation

Base on the combination of different boards and insulation, noise can be effectively insulated.

Thermal Resistance

The low thermal conductivity of the product makes it excellent in thermal resistance performance.

Dimensional Stability

The length change of our autoclave made product, after 24 hours soaking was <0.15%


The product can be cut, drilled, sanded and worked with normal hand tools and machinery; a 6mm thickness can be cut easily on site with a Stanley knife.
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