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E&M Enclosure Systems

Hofmann Fire Rated Products for Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme Chapter 502 & 572

Fire Rated Board for E&M Enclosure

In order to fulfill the fire safety requirement of the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme for Chapter 502 & 572,
our E&M Service Enclosure has been tested and complied with both integrity & insulation of BS476 Part 20:1987
in 60 minutes for the fire protection of electrical meters & cables. Our 9mm thick Calcium Silicate board is weath-
erproof without any elongation in humidity condition.

Fire Rated Door

Hofmann fire rated door complies with BS476 Part22:1987 FRR -/60/60 from Malaysia test which accredited
under HOKLAS recognition. We have both single and double leaf with metal frame & vision panel for installa-
tion and the maximum height is up to 2400mm.
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