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Headquarter locating in Taiwan, Hofmann Construction Material Co. is the manufacturer of Calcium Silicate Board and Fiber Cement board. Our fire rated board/ systems fulfill the requirement of the Fire Resistance Ratings (FRR) from HK Building Department for the Code of Practice of Fire Safety in Building 2011. Our Products have been accredited BS476, ANSI/UL 263, JIS A5430 and CNS 13777 internationally.

Our E&M enclosure system accredited BS 476 Part20 with FRR 72 mins on both SUPERLITE 6mm and HOFMANN 9mm board respectively. The finish color is in white, same as the interior decorative board, providing a bright and clean appearance that can be applied in the fire protection of cable trays inside the shopping mall and the meter cabinet. Due to very light weight, 22 pounds per piece of SUPERLITE board, and the smooth surface of Xonotlite crystal structure, our enclosure system helps the clients saving a lot on the labor for installation and decoration in the field.

Also, our partition systems tested and passed BS476 Part22 with FRR 120 mins and 60 mins. That our fire rated board are very competitive in the total cost and are widely applied in both commercial and medical facilities such as hotels, hospitals and clean room at Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. We are committed to provide quality and high technology products to protect people on fireproofing.
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Our products protect people for future generations. We offer calcium silicate products with superior features, such as thermal insulation, fire resistance, durability, and light weight, to serve the needs of the industrial and commercial facilities on the fire protection and energy saving.

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